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Moggill Rd needs better buses, walking and cycling safety

In response to the Council and Federal government announcement of a $182 million Moggill Road Corridor Upgrade project which includes the previously funded $126 million Indooroopilly Roundabout Upgrade, Michael Berkman has called for prioritising buses, pedestrians and active transport safety over more road widening. 

Greens MP for Maiwar Michael Berkman said: 

“The federal and Council LNP have a track record of wasting millions on pointless road widening, so I hope this time they listen to locals who want safer streets and better buses, not more traffic. 

“The 444 and other Moggill Road buses are unreliable, but dedicated bus lanes through Indro, Taringa and Toowong could fix that. 

“I support dedicated bus lanes, pedestrian safety and separated bike lanes, but I don’t support adding more traffic lanes for cars. 

“We know more space for cars means more traffic, so let’s fix public transport instead. 

“Unfortunately the Indro roundabout upgrade prioritised private car trips from the outer suburbs over public transport, pedestrian safety and cycling, but this is a chance to make amends.

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