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Letterbox Maiwar Apartments!

41% of voters in Maiwar weren't enrolled in the area in 2020, meaning we have no idea how they're going to vote. Meanwhile, we hold the seat of Maiwar with just a 6% margin.

Many of these new voters live in apartments - and they're more likely to be young, renting, studying, or on a lower income. In other words, easy for the Labor & LNP political establishment to ignore.

I'm keen to reach out and hear from everyone living in Maiwar, and by delivering our Apartments Survey to everyone living in a Maiwar apartment building, we'll be able to respond to their issues and concerns.

RSVP here and an organiser will be in touch about helping us deliver letters to every Maiwar resident living in an apartment as part of our "Maiwar Campaign Does Everything Everywhere All At Once" week, 8-14 July.

July 08, 2024 at 3:00pm - 3:05pm

Will you come?