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Greens MP refers Adani to CCC over Isaac Regional Council deal

Greens MP Michael Berkman has today asked the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) to investigate Adani bankrolling wages of Isaac Regional Council staff working on approvals for the controversial Carmichael project.   


“This week we learnt Adani will bankroll $1.15 million in wages, vehicle and housing costs for Isaac Regional Council employees,” he said.

“Today I am referring the matter to the CCC. I’m calling on them to investigate the potential for corruption and conflict of interest this deal creates.

“Premier Palaszczuk urged Adani to seek advice from the Crime and Corruption Commission yesterday, but they’ve laughed her off.  Gentle prodding is not enough to address the serious concerns raised by Transparency International about this arrangement.

“The deal in question is unprecedented: Adani are paying the wages of staff responsible for ensuring their own legal, engineering and environmental compliance.

“Adani’s denials don’t comfort anyone - we know this company cannot be trusted. The Adani Group has a proven track record of complete disregard for environmental law, and has been accused of criminal corporate behaviour a number of times.

“This is not even the first time the CCC has been asked to investigate suspiciously close relationships between Adani and local councils in Queensland.

“Adani and Isaac Council’s apparent excuse for the new deal - that they want to protect ratepayers from extra costs - lacks credibility when you consider these previous scandals.

“Earlier this year we learnt Townsville and Rockhampton Councils were throwing $30 million of ratepayers’ money at Adani to build them a privately-owned airstrip in Central Queensland.

“The Isaac Council can claim staff will be ‘under its direction’ all they like, but the fact remains that their jobs depend on Adani.

“This type of dodgy behaviour is symptomatic of the power that fossil fuel companies wield over government at all levels in Australia.

“We’ll never make the urgent and necessary shift away from fossil fuels until we ban corporate donations and break free of corporate influence.”


Media Contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

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