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Greens move amendments to fix shocking loopholes in mining rehabilitation bill

14 November 2018

Greens MP Michael Berkman will today move amendments to fix massive loopholes in Labor’s mining rehabilitation bill as reported this morning.

“You could drive a mining truck through the loopholes in Labor’s mining rehab Bill.

“I’ll be moving amendments to make sure billionaire mining companies clean up their own mess.

“My amendments would make sure no coal mine can ever leave behind a toxic final void and scrap the draconian gag clause keeping details of risks secret.

“Our plan would also close Labor’s outrageous loophole which could give almost any existing mine automatic approval for a toxic final void.

“Big mining companies have thrown a massive tantrum, and Labor seems to have buckled under pressure.

“If billionaire mining companies don’t pay for the $20 billion cleanup, taxpayers and communities will.

Media contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

Notes -- The Greens’ amendments to Labor’s Bill would:

  • Scrap the automatic approval for existing mines to leave behind toxic final voids
  • Make sure coal mines can never leave behind toxic final voids, matching world’s best practice in the USA.
  • Scrap the “gag clause” which exempts vital information about risks to taxpayers from Right To Information laws.

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