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Greens call on Labor not to buckle under pressure on mining rehab

9 November 2018

The Queensland Greens are calling on Labor not to buckle under pressure to make their already weak mining rehab reforms even weaker.

Greens MP Michael Berkman:

“I’m calling on Labor not to buckle under pressure.

“It’s time to pick a side: are you with the mining billionaires or with everyday Queenslanders?

“Labor’s mining rehab Bill is already full of loopholes, which is why I proposed amendments to fix these back in September.

“It’s great that Cabinet are reportedly considering some improvements, and we would support stronger reforms, but I still haven’t seen any details.

“My amendments would make sure no coal mine can ever leave behind a toxic final void and scrap the draconian gag clause keeping details of risks secret.

“Our plan would also close Labor’s outrageous loophole which could give almost any existing mine automatic approval for a toxic final void.

“This has echoes of the last time big mining companies threw a tantrum at Labor when party apparatchiks got cold feet and rolled Kevin Rudd for Julia Gillard.

“Queenslanders understand that if you make a mess, you should clean it up. There is nothing ‘retrospective’ about that.

“Bring on the vote, and let’s make sure big miners clean up their own mess.

Media contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

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