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Greens ask ECQ to investigate the Queensland Resource Council over potential breaches of electoral law

Michael Berkman has written to the ECQ over concerns that the Queensland Resource Council has breached Queensland electoral law after it failed to register as a Third Party despite spending thousands of dollars in a campaign to attack the Greens. 

Michael Berkman Greens MP for Maiwar:

“It appears the QRC have breached the Queensland Electoral Act after failing to register and disclose thousands of dollars in campaign expenditure in their nasty attacks on the Greens.

“The QRC appear to be so terrified of the Greens that they’re even willing to break the law just to try and stop us from making them pay their fair share in mining royalties.

“No wonder BHP and Origin have split from the QRC - they want no part of an organisation that is not only out of step with ordinary Queenslanders but may have actually broken the law.

“The vast majority of Queenslanders agree with our plan to raise royalties on mining corporations to invest in health, education and jobs, and no amount of unlawful campaigning will stop us.” 

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