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Greens reps hold protest in Taringa to stop unfair eviction of disability pensioner

Greens representatives Michael Berkman and Jonathan Sri, along with the Brisbane Renters Alliance, are holding a protest to support David, a Taringa local facing eviction by the Department of Housing. 

Greens MP Michael Berkman: 

“I’m proud to be leading west side locals to mobilise and protect one of their own from being evicted into insecure housing or homelessness. 

“Landlords are raising private rents and hurting families who rent. People like David on low incomes have almost no chance in the private market. 

“The State government refuses to build enough public housing to clear the 50,000-person wait list. 

“For some people, public housing is the final safety net, so kicking someone out for issues around mess is absolutely despicable. 

“In this bitterly cold winter, I can’t imagine losing my home and being forced into hotel accommodation or living in my car, but that’s what David is facing. 



  • Michael Berkman’s office has been supporting David to resist eviction for weeks. He is a peaceful person. 
  • The Department of Housing has admitted that the only pathway for David is back into social housing, but they are only offering a 3 month stay at emergency accommodation in a hotel with draconian and dehumanising conditions on guests


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