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Estimates: Requesting a list of diversion programs funded for young people in Queensland

During Parliamentary Budget Estimates on Thursday 4 August 2022, I asked about the government about diversion programs it offers for young people at risk of offending. 

You can read the answers below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard).

Mr BERKMAN: Director-General, I understand that the department funds a number of discrete diversionary programs for young people who come into contact with the criminal legal system. Try as I might, I am sure I have failed to put together a comprehensive list of those programs. Accepting that this might not be something you are able to provide on the spot, is the department able to provide a full list of these programs and their respective funding allocations over, say, the last three or four years?

Ms LINARD: We can provide you with a list of programs member if you are struggling to pull it together.

Mr BERKMAN: That would be great. If it is able to be taken on notice, I accept that; wonderful.

Ms LINARD: Yes, sure.

Mr BERKMAN: Very much appreciated.

CHAIR: Can I just clarify? Is the minister taking that question on notice?

Ms LINARD: Yes, sorry. I do know that the member was talking to the director-general, which I why I was looking at him going, ‘I can.’ Yes, is it more the list, member, that you are particularly interested in, or the numbers?

Mr BERKMAN: And the funding allocated to those programs.


Ms MULKERIN: Mr Berkman asked what discrete diversionary programs the department funds and whether we are able to provide a full list of programs and funding allocated to these programs for the last three to four years. There is a list of programs such as Transition to Success, co-responder, restorative justice and integrated case management. For example—

CHAIR: Director-General, if I can just stop you there. Would you be amenable to provide that list to the member for Maiwar via the minister in a format that is appropriate?

Ms LINARD: Yes. That is actually what I am just checking to see if it is a useful format for you.

Read the response to the question taken on notice, provided on 9 August 2022, here

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