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Estimates: Questions on banning calf roping (AKA “rope and tie”)

During Parliamentary Budget Estimates on Wednesday 28 July 2021, I asked about calf roping in rodeos, also known as 'rope and tie', a practice already banned in many other Australian states. 

You can read the answers below or in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard).

Mr BERKMAN: I am interested also in the recent review of the Animal Care and Protection Act which explicitly excluded review of the rodeo code of practice. Given the strong public interest in the issue of calf roping, will there be public consultation on this issue or more broadly on the rodeo code of practice?

Mr FURNER: It is no secret that we are reviewing the Animal Care and Protection Act. There is currently no code dealing with calf roping or the manner of rodeos. We have engaged with the rodeo association for more than 18 months now. There have been positive engagements with the industry. I recognise the importance of rodeos. I am sure the member for Traeger would recognise the importance as well. At this time there is no direct engagement in terms of that review. There is always an opportunity with the discussion papers that have come back and the evidence and also interest in the review of the act which will ultimately lead to a position where this committee will review any proposed changes to the legislation down the track and for people to appear as witnesses or provide submissions to the review of the Animal Care and Protection Act, and that is the appropriate avenue and opportunity to take. 

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