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Cross River Rail announcement first step towards public transport as a basic right

The Queensland Greens are today cautiously welcoming of the announcement by Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, of funding for the delivery and operation of Cross River Rail.

“Public transport is a basic service, but in Queensland it’s too often expensive, slow and unreliable. In the regions it’s often non-existent, says Queensland Greens Senator and Candidate for Brisbane, Andrew Bartlett.

“This forces more people to drive, makes traffic worse, parking harder, causes more pollution, increases stress and costs us money.

“The Greens believe that a family shouldn’t have to pay more to catch a bus into the city or the shops than it costs them to drive.

“Travellers shouldn’t have to plan hours in advance just to travel two suburbs.

Greens MP for Maiwar, Michael Berkman, encouraged the state government to ensure that public assets were kept in public hands, and not privatised by stealth.

“In 2017, we showed our strong support for Cross River Rail and Queenslanders loved our $1 public transport initiative.

“Given the federal opposition is now committed to funding more of this project, it provides the opportunity for the Palaszczuk Government to reduce the cost of public transport in Queensland, which will increase the number of passengers, making it more viable, reduce congestion on our roads, reduce air pollution, and provide physical and mental health benefits to passengers.

Media contact: Alice Lethborg (0409040211)

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