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First ever bill to ban corporate donations in Queensland to be debated in Parliament today

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Today the Queensland Parliament will begin the second reading debate on the Greens bill to ban all corporate donations in Queensland.

Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar said:

“I’m so proud that this was the first bill I introduced in this Parliament. It’s the first ever bill to ban corporate donations in in Queensland’s history.

“Labor and the LNP are living on a different planet if they think everyday Queenslanders don’t smell a rat on big corporate cash in politics.

“Together, Queensland Labor and the LNP have taken more than $14 million in corporate donations since 2012.

“The Labor-dominated Parliamentary committee report failed to come up with one good reason why the bill should not be passed - they simply claimed corporate donations aren’t a problem.

“This is what the major parties don’t get  - Corporate cash in politics makes our lives worse because it stacks the deck.

“It means crap jobs and lower pay. It makes tackling corporate tax avoidance harder. It means less money for schools and hospitals. It lets coal billionaires push us towards terrifying climate catastrophe.

“You can’t serve two masters. Either you’re working for the people of Queensland, or you’re working for big corporations who pay your way.

According to AEC and ECQ data, since 2012, Queensland Labor has taken $5.9 million in corporate donations and the LNP have taken $8.7 million. Source:


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