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Community meets to discuss Centenary Motorway noise pollution

Noise from Centenary Motorway having serious impacts on local residents.

17 September 2019


“This isn’t just about one particular pocket exposed to noise pollution - residents all the way along the motorway report serious concerns.

“It might not sound like a major issue if you don't live nearby, but for many residents, compression braking and inadequate sound barriers significantly affect their quality of life.


“Residents on Newcomen Street in Indooroopilly say the noise is so bad they never open their doors or windows, and folks in all affected suburbs say the noise wakes them up every night. 


“At the community meeting we discussed a few options to get some meaningful action from the State Government, including measures to reduce compression braking and improve sound barriers.


“It's disappointing the State Government hasn't taken any meaningful steps to address this issue, and that when Council was doing construction a few years ago, they simply replaced the existing barriers as they were, rather than properly consulting and improving them.


“But I’ve seen time and time again that when our community comes together on local issues we can make decision-makers see reason, so that’s the kind of power we’re hoping to mobilise now.”

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