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Green Bridges for Toowong and St Lucia

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Council is currently seeking feedback from elected representatives and local residents about the preferred locations of these two bridges, with this consultation phase due to finish at the end of this month. 

As a Greens MP, I’ve been pushing for new active transport measures for many years, and am very pleased to see BCC considering a significant investment in this infrastructure. However, my priority as always is to hear from our community and advocate for what you want. 

As part of my efforts to do so, I've co-hosted a community forum about the bridges, with residents and community groups, and been out doorknocking with volunteers in St Lucia. Here's what we've found so far:

  • Overall there was strong support for both a West End - Toowong and a West End - St Lucia bridge, with more than 70% of people we spoke to saying they would use the bridges.
  • For both bridges, Alignment A was by far the most popular. Around 60% chose this from 5 options for each bridge, including 3 alignment options, plus 'no bridge' and 'unsure'. About 10% suggested they wouldn't support any option in St Lucia (6% for the Toowong bridge).
  • From those with concerns, losing precious green space at Guyatt Park was clearly felt deeply. Many felt they needed to see Council propose some detailed, and more sensitive design options that minimise the impacts on the park. I've made it clear to Council that I wouldn't support a net loss of green space at Guyatt Park.

Whatever you think the best option for making our city more sustainable and easy to move around in is, I’d strongly encourage you to participate in this process and make your voice heard. There are 3 important ways to do so:

1. Ensure you’re across the different options Council is proposing, then have your say in Council’s formal survey: 

Toowong- West End bridge 

St Lucia- West End bridge 

While I have some concerns with Council’s survey, including its transparency and utility, it’s important they receive lots of formal feedback. 

2. Vote and comment in the city-wide online poll organised by Cr Jonathan Sri here. The feedback here will help guide my representations to Council, and also enables residents to have a more transparent and engaged conversation with each other. This poll also enables folks to vote for “no bridge” options, and allows you to cast preferential votes. 

3. If you’re a Maiwar resident, directly respond to this email and let me know what you think: [email protected] 

Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to speak to residents at events, out in the community, and via email before preparing my own submission to Council. I hope to catch as many of you as possible for a chat, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime.