Submission on sale of public land at Stamford Rd Indooroopilly

On 28 October 2019 Michael made a submission to the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy about the proposed sale of a 700m2 section of Stamford Rd Indooroopilly. 

The Indooroopilly Shopping Centre are using the occasion of a minor change to their rooftop carpark to buy some public land which is currently part of Stamford Rd. 

In the short term, the Centre are proposing to "close" a section of Stamford Rd, but traffic and access will not change. Michael wrote to the State government urging them to refuse to sell the land until the Centre is up-front about their plans.

You can read Michael's submission here.

The Centre stands to make a large windfall profit from any future up-zoning of the land. This example shows why Queensland needs a Developer Tax to capture windfall profits created by upzoning and make sure major property developers pay their fair share for vital public infrastructure. 

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