Stop Bad Development- Planning for People, not Profit!

Across Queensland, residents have lost control of their neighbourhoods. Here in Maiwar, unsustainable and unsuitable development in our local community is one of residents’ key concerns. Whether it’s Tricare’s multi-tower residential aged care facility in Taringa, the proposed Sunland triple-tower high-rise at the former ABC site in Toowong, the proposed mega zipline project at Mount Coot-tha, or endless new apartment blocks, locals are being shut out while big property developers do whatever they like.

We can create well-designed medium density development with new public infrastructure, but  we need to take power from big developers and give it back to locals.

Labor and the LNP have created planning laws that are rigged in favour of property developers and big business. We need a planning system that puts people ahead of big developer profits.

You can read the full plan to restore a planning system for people, not profit here.


PETITION to the Minister for Planning Cameron Dick MP and the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, we request that you:


  • Launch a root and branch review of Queensland’s planning laws to enable local democracy and put people ahead of developer profits.
  • Immediately implement the following reforms:
    • Make neighbourhood plans binding, including binding height limits to end special deals for developers
    • Make sure all major developments are "Impact Assessable"
    • Strengthen community objection rights and improve transparency in decision making
    • Increase community certainty in the planning system by removing loopholes in the Planning Act, including “exemption certificates” from assessment and letting developers choose their own assessor
    • Make property developers pay their fair share for public infrastructure like schools, hospitals, public transport and green space, including a 75% Developer Tax and lifting caps on developer infrastructure charges
    • Improve protection for urban green space, native wildlife and areas of ecological significance, including veto powers for environment and heritage assessors
    • Less construction noise on Saturdays
    • No development in flood-prone areas, to account for long-term implications of climate change


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