Protect native bushland in Fig Tree Pocket

Much to the surprise of local residents in Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane City Council has approved plans to fell 200 trees in an ecologically sensitive area to build private dwellings. The land in question is mapped as an area of high ecological significance under new Council overlay mapping, and under State legislation. It is an important wildlife corridor and much-loved patch of urban vegetation, home to special and rare native species including squirrel gliders, mountain brushtail possums, owls, wallabies and echidnas. Despite this, Council does not appear to have given the development adequate environmental assessment which is required by State legislation, stating there is no wildlife of significance in its DA. Council is ignoring these concerns and the significant public outcry from local residents.

I’ve written to the Minister for Environment and Minister for Planning and urged them to
properly assess the environmental impact of this project, including using “call in” powers to stop it going ahead. You can view my letter here.

What can you do?

  • Sign my petition and share it with your friends, family and neighbours. If you’d like hard copies of the petition to take around to your friends and neighbours, just give my office a call on 3737 4100.
  • Write and call the Minister for Planning and Minister for Environment. 
  • Request that the Ministers urgently instigate an assessment into the site and use their powers to "call in" the development. 

PETITION to the Minister for Planning Cameron Dick MP, Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch MP and Brisbane City Council:


We ask that you urgently protect urban native bushland at 229, 231 and 233 Jesmond Road in Fig Tree Pocket (A004078868) by doing one of the following:


  1. Use State Environmental and Planning legislation to properly assess the environmental impact of this project including using “call in” powers to stop it.
  2. Buy back to the land from the developer using Brisbane City Council funds to protect this precious green space from destruction.



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