Disabled locked out of dozens of train stations

Fewer than two-thirds of Queensland’s 152 train stations will be accessible to disabled people by the Federal Government’s 2022 deadline.

Union plays down Glencore's decision to cap coal production

Mining giant Glencore's decision to cap its coal production will not halt the growth of Australia's exports, the CFMEU has argued, despite claims it represents a shift away from coal.

Queenslanders lose record $2.4 billion to poker machines

Queenslanders lost more than $6 million a day, or a staggering $4572 every minute, to poker machines in clubs and hotels last year.

Cheerleading MPs will sacrifice city to incinerator: Greens.

RESIDENTS in Ipswich are being sacrificed as the state government and cheerleading local MPs support Remondis' proposed incinerator, the Greens say.

Queenslanders will get their say on euthanasia as issues paper tabled

QUEENSLANDERS are being asked for their views on euthanasia as part of a historic and wide-ranging review into aged, palliative and terminally ill care.

Question Time: Natural Disasters, Climate and Coal

On Thursday 14 February 2019, Michael asked the Premier how Labor can justify allowing new coal mining and gas fracking even after she admitted that climate change is making natural disasters even worse.

Government asked to consider free public transport for all kids

Greens MP Michael Berkman wants Queensland children to travel on public transport for free in a multimillion-dollar plan to bust congestion.

No sovereign risk for Adani

It's time to get over this myth that Labor can't or shouldn't stop Adani because of 'sovereign risk'.

Push to ban all coal mines in the Galilee Basin does not go far enough

A controversial proposal to ban mining in the Galilee Basin does not go far enough, some members of the public have argued.

Pill testing

We know that some people will use drugs. We also know that pill testing works: in fact, it actually reduces drug use and saves lives.

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