Integrity in Politics

Across Maiwar and the state in the 2017 election period, people of all political persuasions felt really strongly about political corruption and about undue influences on political decisions. Indeed, Queensland has a pretty poor history when it comes to corruption and a lack of integrity and accountability in politics. Plus, as the only State without an upper house, there are less checks and balances on sitting governments.

As a representative of the Queensland Greens in Parliament, I'm determined to provide a strong voice for democracy, integrity and accountability. I believe that Queensland must crack down on political donations, both from developers and from other industries such as mining companies, financial institutions and gambling organisations. Although the people of Maiwar are my top priority, I'm also committed to representing all Queenslanders who want to see a politics that is free from corporate interests, cash-for-access meetings and corruption, and big on transparency, accountability and integrity.

Right now I’m calling on the Queensland Parliament to task the Crime and Corruption Commission with investigating the corrupting influence of political donations on our democracy. Please sign and share my petition and let’s create a future for all of us.

You can read our full plan here.

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