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Health Minister’s “wait and hope” approach to free abortion access not good enough

31 July 2018

Greens MP Michael Berkman has called on Labor to plan for free, universal access to abortion services after the Health Minister outlined a “wait and hope” approach to reducing out-of-pocket costs.

“It seems like Labor don’t have a plan to expand our universal healthcare system to cover free access to abortion services.

“Labor’s plan sounds like “wait and hope”.  They’re taking a punt that decriminalising abortion will be enough to bring down the sometimes massive out-of-pocket costs, and a host of other barriers they’ve identified.

“Right now 95% of terminations are delivered in the private and NGO system, where costs can range from $250 to $5,000.  

“Especially for women and those accessing services in regional Queensland, cost and distance are massive barriers.  

“Abortion should be safe, legal and free.  


Media contact: Abe O’Neill 0439 758 860

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