Greens MP Michael Berkman shares economic ideas ahead of State Budget

Greens MP Michael Berkman shares his thoughts ahead of tomorrow’s State Budget

THE Greens want to slug Queensland property developers $30 billion in an attempt to fund a list of radical ideas from political greenhorn Michael Berkman.

The Maiwar MP, who was elected at last year’s state election, says he would be able to give every Queenslander a home and buy all privately owned power generators, worth tens of billions of dollars, under the plan.

“Right now, developers in Queensland get $2.3 billion of free money every year when land is rezoned and the value of that land goes up,” Mr Berkman claims in Facebook video outlining his ideas.

“We’d make sure mining companies and property developers pay their fair share. “

Mr Berkman also says he would be able to slash public transport fares to $1 for every adult and fund a public infrastructure bank to help build extra schools and hospitals.

Mr Berkman does not say how he would go about creating the 100 per cent state-owned power network or what it would include.

“This will be Labor’s first budget since the election, but I’m worried that the last thing they want to do is tax big mining and property development corporations to build a future for all of us,” he said.

“Budgets are about choices, and in the video I talk about our ideas for a Budget that chooses people over the profits of big corporations.

“(We would) Cut power bills buy $600 a year and run everything on 100 per cent publicly owned clean energy. That money could fund schools, hospitals and green space that Queenslanders need and deserve but instead flows to the profits of big corporations.”

June 11, 2018 10:56am

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