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Noise pollution from the Centenary Motorway

Dozens of residents living in Indooroopilly, Toowong, Taringa, Bardon,  and Fig Tree Pocket have been in touch with my office about noise generated from the Centenary Motorway. After visiting some of the affected homes, talking to the locals and hosting a community meeting, it’s clear to me that this is a major problem impacting many residents’ quality of life.

In various locations, traffic and trucks can be heard loud and clear inside people’s homes, including above the TV, and especially in winter. Compression braking is of particular concern, and appears to have become much worse since recent upgrades to the motorway. The noise can be unbearable. It carries a long distance and is potentially exceeding the state’s noise guideline (which is up to 68 decibels). 

When the upgrade was done a few years ago, they simply replaced the existing barriers as they were, rather than properly consulting the community and improving them. 

Right now, residents are being ignored. Along with many of you, I’ve already written to the Minister for Main Roads on multiple occasions, and each time have been brushed off completely. 

It's disappointing the State Government hasn't taken any meaningful steps to fix this - clearly we need to demonstrate just how significant this issue is. When our community comes together on local issues we can make decision-makers see reason, so that’s the kind of power we’re hoping to mobilise.

Please share this page around and talk to your friends and neighbours if you think they might like to help us see this local issue resolved!