Anti-Adani protesters allegedly confetti bomb State Parliament

THE Clerk of State Parliament has directed police to issue several anti-Adani protesters with a summons to appear in court after they were ejected from the House this morning when they allegedly showered MPs with black confetti.

Speaker Curtis Pitt has confirmed Clerk Neil Laurie had made a complaint under s51 of the Parliamentary Services Act, with the matter to now be dealt with by the courts.

“Directions to cease the online use of video material from this morning have been issued,” he said.

“If these directions are not followed I will refer matters to the Ethics Committee.

“Further investigations about the organisation of the protest are also taking place.”

A review of Parliament House security will also be undertaken in the wake of the incident.

Mr Pitt also took a swipe at any MP who aided, encouraged or congratulated such actions.

The Government has until September 7 to prosecute Adani over alleged breach of its pollution licence during Cyclone Debbie.

Greens MP Michael Berkman described the move to issue a summons as “heavy-handed” and “not in the public interest”.

“This is a shocking double standard,” he said.

“If you’re a billionaire mining company you can knowingly spill toxic coal sludge and Queensland Labor sits on their hands.

“If you embarrass politicians and make them feel uncomfortable, you get the book thrown at you.”

Claire Ogden, a spokesperson for the protesters, said the “real threat is not black confetti, but pollution of our precious environment”.

“Why does Adani get away with breaking … Queensland law, while we get arrested for something harmless and trivial,” she said.

Police tonight confirmed they were yet to issue any summons to

appear in court.

It was earlier reported Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch is yet to reveal what action, if any, the State will take.

A spokeswoman for the protesters, Bella Ridout, earlier said there would be a follow-up rally outside Parliament tomorrow.

“Minister Enoch must back up her statement that Adani will not get preferential treatment. Queenslanders will continue to use their power as citizens and demand that Adani is prosecuted for illegally releasing coal sludge into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef,” she said in a statement.

“Adani has broken Queensland law. With only 3 days left, why aren’t Labor prosecuting them?

“It’s no wonder a majority of Queenslanders do not want the controversial Adani coal mine. It’s time our government listened.

“Adani is seeking approval to increase the amount of coal that goes through its port even though Abbot Point regularly gets extreme weather.

“The Queensland Labor government must make Adani clean up its act, stormproof the terminal to prevent future pollution and put in place equipment to properly measure coal sludge pollution.”

September 4, 2018

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