About The Queensland Greens

Our vision

By Drew Hutton, Co-founder of the Queensland and Australian Greens.

The philosophy of The Greens upholds a vision of reality based on love of life, respect for nature, its life forms and natural processes, and awareness of the interdependent nature of the world.

All things are connected to the web of life. We recognise that we are part of nature - not above it - and our lifestyles and the continuation of life itself depends on our wise interaction with the biosphere. Our political and economic decisions must be made with this mind.

The policies of the Greens are guided by a long-term view of the global future and are founded on the principles as expressed in our Charter. 

Our history

The Queensland Greens were founded on 22 September 1991. Locally-based and independent of corporate interests, we are affiliated with the Australian Greens and part of a worldwide network of Greens parties. Our four guiding principles are:

  • non-violence
  • social justice
  • grass-roots democracy
  • ecological sustainability.

We believe these qualities are essential for human survival and well-being.


We live at a crucial time in history. Never before have we had so many answers to the problems that have dogged our developing world. Solutions now exist that could greatly decrease the poverty, hunger and ill-health of our fellow humans and we now have technologies to reduce and repair much of the ecological damage to our planet.

Clean air, clean water and ecological sustainability are possible. Yet this is not being achieved. World-wide, governments lack the political will to make the necessary adjustments that will bring an end to the conflict, pollution, poor health and social inequity that characterise our time.

The Greens have evolved in this climate to show a new way forward. A Green response to the ecological crisis proceeds on the basis of a respect for all life, both human and non-human. We recognise the mutual interdependence between humanity and the rest of nature and we seek to move toward an ecologically sustainable path.

Beliefs and aims

We seek to eradicate poverty, oppression and discrimination and to build a society underpinned by values of participatory democracy, social justice, and the respect for cultural and ecological diversity. We aim to transform the political, social and economic structures that disempower and oppress people and to develop a rich, participatory cultural life that enables the flourishing of new democratic movements for progressive change.

We believe that contesting elections is a necessary step toward the building of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society, but that it is by no means the only step.

We seek to encourage and facilitate grassroots movements and community initiatives that are working towards ecological responsibility, social justice, affirmative action and global equity. We seek to avoid parochialism and to cultivate a global, ecological consciousness and a long-term perspective in order to safeguard the interests of both existing and future generations and nonhuman species. We believe Australia should play an active role in building a more co-operative world that is capable of addressing the glaring disparities in energy and resource consumption and quality of life between rich and poor.

We aim to extend recognition and assistance to progressive social movements in other countries and to international institutions that are working toward these ends.

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